Ballroom Dancing – Move, Groove, and Lose Weight

Struggling to lose weight? Bored of the gym? If so, it’s time to ballroom dance! Studies suggest ballroom dancing can help you lose weight and tone up.

You can see it on Dancing with the Stars. Ricki Lake lost 20lbs, Nancy Grace 25lbs, Marie Osmond 31lbs, Kelly Osbourne 40lbs, Kirstie Alley 100lbs, and many others have shed the weight and toned up by simply combining ballroom dancing with a nutritious, lower-calorie diet.

Depending on the form of dance, one can burn 250 to 400 calories in a single hour. In fact, high-energy dances like Salsa, Samba, and Cha Cha have been compared to intense workouts at the gym and have even shown to burn 500 calories in a single hour.

In addition, ballroom dancing is a weight-bearing activity. That means not only can you burn calories to shed weight, but ballroom dancing can strengthen nearly every muscle in your body, allowing you to tone up.

Losing weight is a lot easier than you think. The basics are simple. You need a nutritious diet and to burn more calories than you consume each day. Since 3500 calories equals 1lb, you can lose 1lb a week by cutting 500 calories a day, which can be accomplished by eating less, exercising, or both.

In terms of exercise, the key to success is not only to partake in both cardio and strength training, but it’s to partake in an activity that you enjoy and are motivated to do. And guess what? As described above, ballroom dancing does both. You burn calories, tone up, and on top of that build bone density, improve coordination, flexibility, coordination, and mental capacity.

If you’re trying to shape up and slim down…then ballroom dancing can be your answer. Don’t wait until tomorrow to reach your fitness goals, start today and make tomorrow your success story.