“Samantha came highly recommended from our wedding coordinator. We were both skeptical about dance lessons, but knew we wanted to do something to “wow” the crowd, both at the rehearsal dinner and after our grand entrance at the wedding. We brought in Samantha to teach the tarantella, an Italian folk dance, at our rehearsal dinner. The guests had a great time and haven’t stopped talking about it since. When it came to our dance, Samantha was extremely encouraging throughout the teaching process and gave us the confidence that we needed to perform to our special song. She choreographed a truly unique routine, melding two different styles of dance together to make our first dance as husband and wife unforgettable. My wife and I are not dancers by any standard, but our guests were captivated by our performance. Overall, it was an amazing experience that really brought my wife and I closer together. We would do it again in a heartbeat and highly recommend Samantha!”
Ryan Stewart
"My husband and I waited until the last minute to decide that we probably should take some dance lessons for our first dance. We did not want to get out there and just rock around in a boring circle. I called Villa Encanta and after speaking with Samantha; I realized just how important the first dance really is and although our time was limited I knew we were in very good hands. We only had a few weeks before the wedding to squeeze 10 lessons in and we really wanted to do something a little different from the norm. I didn’t think we had enough time or ability; neither one of us had ever taken dance lessons. Samantha was amazing! She is an extremely talented and gifted choreographer, professional dancer, and incredible teacher. She gave us exactly what we wanted; a fun, sexy, and playful Salsa to dance to “I Belong to You” by Lenny Kravitz. Most importantly; she provided us with the confidence and the ability to pull it off in a very short time. Our guests were extremely surprised and impressed. We are so grateful that we found Villa Encanta and Samantha. Thanks Samantha for making a tremendous improvement to our wedding day and providing us with memories we will cherish forever! We will be back for more lessons soon!"
"We chose The Ballroom at Villa Incanta to coordinate and teach us our first dance for our wedding. We couldn’t be happier. The dance was beautiful and Samantha gave us the confidence to go out there and enjoy ourselves while looking good! Because of her, our first dance was the least of our worries, and one of our most memorable points to the evening."
Angela Centofranchi
"Thank you Samantha for our private dance lessons. My husband and I had never danced formally before. We came to you with little dance experience and an idea of what we wanted to do for our wedding dance. You made it come to life. Sam was very helpful and we also were able to video tape different steps and moves which was very helpful. I also had an outfit change for the dance and Sam helped with the costume design and ordering. She went above and beyond. She catered to our schedules for our lessons. My husband and I are very greatful and thank you for the wedding tips all along the way. AND…. She made it to our reception to actually see us perform the dance! Above and beyond!!!!! Thank you Sam!"
Michelle Basso
“Several months ago I decided to take dance lessons. This venture was way beyond my comfort level. Being a senior and a widower made it difficult. I checked several dance studios in the area and was disappointed. They all talked contracts and money and talked very little about what they offered in the way of dance instruction. They were ill prepared to answer my simple questions. There was no connection with these contract happy studios. On the internet I discovered The Ballroom in Temecula. It looked interesting. So I called and talked to Samantha Potter (I call her Sam) and there was an instant connection. There was no talk of contracts. We talked about the services they offered and the cost. Wow was I impressed! Over the next few months I took private lessons with Sam. This woman has the patience of Job (for those who know biblical Job). She certainly needed it with me. She used many tools to teach me and sometimes Dennis (Sam’s husband) would join us and give us insight on my dancing. Sam is a delight to work with. By the way both Sam and Dennis are national champs in dance. My dancing is improving with the private lessons supplemented with evening group lessons and socials that are held on Saturday evening. I guess by now you’ve realized that I very much like The Ballroom. In my many years of life I’ve followed my gut. It’s always been right. I did that here and I haven’t been disappointed. Believe me if you want to learn to dance and you want the best, go to The Ballroom. You will find what I did. The best.”
L. Bruce, Fallbrook
“Dennis, Thank you for saving Nancy’s knees making it possible for her to continue her passion for dancing. And, thank you for researching and finding the technology that will help me “hear” the sounds of music so that I also can learn to understand and apply the timing to dance. No other teacher has ever gone into my world of silence so that I can go into your world of the sounds of dance. We both are deeply grateful for your caring and talent to keeping our dreams and hearts dancing. And, teaching us the experience of being one with our partner.”
“After the terrific instruction by Dennis Lyle showing us several Hustle dance moves, I was able to dance that and many other dances for the rest of the night. In fact, I only stopped dancing to catch my breath. The dance floor and room are large and beautiful. The crowd was beautiful, too. All ages and styles of dancers. Was able to enjoy dancing a different style with each of my partners. Everyone was very nice, friendly, classy. Gary is a fantastic DJ, smooth mix of great dance music, and he even played some of my favorites because he learned I liked rumba and foxtrot. The co-event with The Ballroom of Temecula, and the Single Passion group was a brilliant idea. I will be attending both groups, the dance lessons and the singles. If anyone will dance with me, that is. I rate this evening 10 out of 5 stars!”
Chaz DeSimone
“My experience at BALLROOM Villa Incanta has been very pleasant! Mr. Dennis Lyle is an extraordinary Ballroom dance instructor. He is a two time champion and has been teaching for almost 30 years, and he has a very good sense of humor that always makes me laugh! I love taking lessons at BALLROOM studio, either private or group classes, and I enjoy the monthly social dance as well. I would recommend this school to anyone who loves to Dance!”
“The Ballroom in Temecula has given me back some lost youth. Best place to learn dance in this safe and clean atmosphere. Best laughs in town. And the most charming and professional instructors ever. They show experience really counts. They just bring the dance out of both of my “two left feet”. I look forward to the groups classes through the week. And treat myself to a private class instruction often. It is the best hobby I have ever have done for my over all health. Just love the Ballroom at Villa Incanta!”
Ballroom Dance
Glinda Anderson
“I would like to thank you for the best introduction into this world called ‘”dance” anyone has ever had. Who knew when we first meet that we would go to the latin world championships…you have always been a gentleman to me…I appreciate your sense of humor, your stories, your generosity, and everything else on that list of qualities that makes you, wonderfully you. It is always a privilege to go to class/social dance night and make you smile or laugh while you are trying to dance…you are a blessing.”
“I’ve been taking ballroom dancing lessons here since August and I love it! Every lesson is more fun than the last. I have never enjoyed a hobby so much. Dennis and Samantha are truly the best and I consider it an honor to be learning from them. Please give it a try! You will not be sorry.”
Jennifer M.
“Highly recommend! Wonderful people, great facilities.”
Nicholas C.
“After many years of discussion, my husband and I finally took the leap to begin dance instruction. It’s been two months now and despite our lack of rhythm and four left feet, we have learned a lot! Under Dennis’s clear directions, constant patience, and never ending sense of humor we have started to develop a few dance moves that are not so awkward, knowing that come August, we will look half way decent at our son’s wedding!”
“We were both skeptical about dance lessons, but knew we wanted to do something to “wow” the crowd, both at the rehearsal dinner and after our grand entrance at the wedding. We brought in Samantha to teach the tarantella, an Italian folk dance, at our rehearsal dinner. The guests had a great time and haven’t stopped talking about it since. When it came to our dance, Samantha was extremely encouraging throughout the whole process.”
Nicholas C.
“Thank you for being a fantastic dancer teacher! The “Crowd” loved their dance!”
~Sincerely Stella & Jim Port