March 21, 2013

Group Classes

Group classes are the most economical way to learn how to partner dance (Ballroom Dance). The primary goal of group classes is to teach and learn steps, patterns, & movements for a variety of dances.


In other words, while group classes teach the fundamental actions and movements of each dance presented, they are not designed to teach styling, expression, and technique. For such areas, private lessons are the best and most efficient way to get and master these areas of dancing.

Our group classes are structured in a manner where in one month you can do a dance at a beginner level and then take the same dance and do it at an intermediate level the following month.


You do not need a partner to join our group classes. We change partners throughout the class to give you more confidence and become accustomed to dancing with a variety of partners.

Our class sizes range from 4 to 20 people per class depending on the dance and level. We have a policy that at least three people must be in attendance for any class to be taught.