Ballroom Dance Away Memory Loss

Weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, developed social ties, increased self-esteem, and rise in happiness are just a few benefits of ballroom dancing. However, did you know that ballroom dancing can also improve your cognitive skills and reduce the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Several studies, as those presented by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, The New England Journal of Medicine, and California State University Long Beach, indicate that learning new movements and techniques in ballroom dancing, challenges the mind and subsequently stimulates the brain to improve memory.

You see, when we age, our brain cells unfortunately tend to die and the synapses weaken. In other words, the neural connections / pathways weaken and we tend to lose access to where we store information in our mind…our memory.

Nevertheless, ballroom dancing increases the required connectivity via challenging the mind. It integrates several brain functions – kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional process.

Learning new dance movements, following complex steps, moving in time, staying on rhythm with the music, and making split second decisions regarding executing movements are all mentally challenging but rewarding. They encourage increased memory and intelligence.

Studies further reveal that to achieve full benefits of ballroom dancing, you should do it often. For instance, it’s recommended to take at least two classes a week to boost brain power as well as partake in social dance events to freestyle and grow the opportunity of making split second decision to increase intelligence. So…put on your dancing shoes and strengthen your mind!