How to Dance with Him or Her?

Have you joined us at a monthly social dance yet? If yes…then bravo…as you have experienced a wonderful opportunity to apply your dance skills, practice your moves, learn new steps, make new friends, and partake in a memorable event. If not…then WHY NOT? What’s your excuse?

1. You can’t dance?

Well…all we have to say to that is that we’re a dance school and many newbies have difficulties at first. But after some instructions and practice, movement flows from their bodies. Plus, we start the evening with a dance class. Therefore, regardless of your dance experience, if you join us from the beginning of the event, we’ll provide you with some steps to use through the night. You can further pick up moves as you watch fellow dancers. Just know that taking classes, privates, drilling the fundamentals, practicing, and attending social dances…soon enough you’ll master your dance form.

2. You feel intimidated on the dance floor…like you’re being judged?

Well…I’m sorry to tell you…unless you’re a super dancer, fellow guests aren’t watching you dance and surely aren’t judging. Don’t allow your doubt and/or intimidation overpower you.

3. You have no one to dance with?

Well…there’s two parts to this. First of all, guests usually dance with those that dance a similar style, hold an equivalent skill level, and have met in group classes. So, you can create similar bonds by joining our group classes to learn and meet new, like-minded individuals. Secondly, if you want to dance, then dance. Due to human nature and fear of rejection, we tend to ask those who are already dancing to dance as opposed to those sitting down or standing on the outskirts. So be visible, make eye contact, and/or you make the first move and ask someone yourself.

4. You’re shy?

Well…Don’t be! Our monthly social dances are designed in a manner to create an unintimidating, safe environment for guests. Therefore, when timid thoughts arise, wipe them. On a side note, when you first arrive, walk around. Absorb the scene. Then find where on the dance floor those holding a similar skill level and style are dancing…and join them.

5. It’s too expensive?

Well…for $12 you get to not only attend our social dance event, but you get to take a dance class also. Two things for less than the price of one. Nonetheless, if that’s still too expensive, then join us on Facebook. New followers get a free social dance ticket.

So what’s your excuse for not attending?