Wedding Dance – 10 Tips to a Magical First Dance

Imagine the moment when you’re first introduced to your guests as husband and wife…one of the first things you’ll do as newlyweds is have your first dance. Although it probably will only last a few minutes, it can feel forever if you’re stressed and uncomfortable. To help you, we’ve shared 10 tips below:

  1. Pick “YOUR” favorite song – The first step is choosing a song that has meaning to you two. Yes you can search online for the top wedding songs or ask your friends for recommendations, but the truth is, you should pick a song that touches you both. Perhaps it’s a song that reflects your relationship. Perhaps it’s a song with a beautiful memory tied to it. Or, a song that touches both your souls. Create a list of all these songs and then choose the one that makes you want to get up and move. The one that makes you want to grab your love and dance the night away…should be your song.
  2. Practice, practice, practice – Just spending a few minutes dancing together to your song each day can go a long way. Not only will you learn to feel more comfortable with the beat and how to move, but it can be a great form of pre-marital therapy. *wink, wink*
  3. Choreography or free-style, it’s up to you – We’re not here to make the decision, as it depends on your personality (unless you want us to). But, do you prefer something planned, structured, and organized…or…something loose and free that allows you take advantage of the magic of the moment? One thing we do suggest, however, are dance lessons. Whether you two are the choreographed or wing it type, group lessons are an incredible way to teach you a variety of dance movements from sexy ballroom, to exotic latin, to the practical night-club. Not only will you be able to experience a variety of forms to help arrow down your preferred dance, but it’s a great workout a well. And contrary to belief, group lessons are quite inexpensive. Now, if you’re looking for a little more one-on-one attention or want to master a personalized choreography, then you might want to consider private lessons.
  4. Consider your dress, shoes, and accessories – Depending on your dance, a long train or extra pouf might make it difficult to move around or spin. Head accessories can go airborne during a dip or a step if they’re not secure. Extra high heels may meake it more difficult to hold your balance. In fact…try practicing in the shoes (or at least something similar) to what you plan to wear during your dance to break them in.
  5. Consider the size of the dance floor – Try to take a look at the dance floor before they big day. If you’re put together a 3-step move, but have room for only 1-step, that might create difficulty.
  6. Plan an introduction and exit – In addition to looking great during your wedding dance, consider how you’ll enter and exit the dance floor to make a big impact. Will you enter together? Meet in the middle? Will your wedding party enter the dance floor upon completion as a sign that the floor is now open to your guests?
  7. Discus your dance with your DJ and photographer – Let your DJ/emcee know what you’re doing so that he/she can cue it timely. At the same time, if you’re using your copy of a song, make sure it works on their equipment prior to the big day. You don’t need any unexpected surprises. Lastly, if it’s an edited version, make sure they play your version.
  8. Don’t look down – If you look down while you dance, whether it’s a natural habit or you’re worried about stepping on your partners’ feet, you’ll look worried. Instead do three things: (1) Hold a proper dance position (which you can learn at a dance lesson) (2) Maintain eye contact (3) Smile. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but you’ll look more confident to your guests.
  9. Keep it short and sweet – No matter how confident and happy you look on the dance floor, if you’re dance is too long you might lose some of your guests’ attention. Instead, try to keep it 3 to 4 minutes.
  10. If you’re going to freestyle, learn how to flash – Get your attention huh? What we mean is this…you don’t need to memorize a complete routine. Instead, you can learn a couple of exciting, flashy steps to incorporate into various portions of your dance to make a big splash.

On a final note, whether you choose choreography or freestyle, traditional or something wild and crazy, remember…your first dance is a reflection of you two as a newly married couple. From the song you choose, to the moves you perform, to the emotion you display, let it all reflect who you two are. Have fun! Knock it out with confidence! And while not mandatory…try a lesson or TWO, OR MORE! TO really master your wedding dance.