Preparing for a Dance Competition

While participating in a dance competition can be scary and exciting all at the same time, it is an experience that all dancers should partake in. It’s an opportunity to learn and just grow stronger. To help persuade you to take advantage of any upcoming competitions, I wanted to share a few competition tips:

1. Find the right competition category and register far ahead of time to allow for plenty of preparation and practice. If you need help finding a competition, please let us know. For instance, if you’re a first time competitor, you may not want to enter an extremely competitive and difficult competition. You may want to start a little bit slower.

2. Grab a pen and paper, listen to various songs, and watch various dances. Take note to the songs you enjoy and steps you like. Allow your research to create a routine that inspires you. If working with a professional…such as an instructor at “The Ballroom,” please share what you like so that your perfect routine is choreographed.

3. Once registered for a competition…review the guidelines. For instance, how long are you permitted to dance? Then double check if you’re meeting the requirements. For example, is the time limit on your music within the allotted time?

4. Once a routine is created, not only practice, practice, and practice. But, videotape yourself practicing. Then, watch yourself. Are your toes pointed correctly? Was your back leg straight?

5. Also try to keep props to a minimum and rehearse in costume. It’s better to find out during rehearsal whether your dress will stay up right as opposed to during the competition.

6. When dancing, enjoy yourself and use natural expressions. Have fun! Judges can tell if you’re nervous. Therefore, get everything ready the day before, have plenty of sleep the night prior, eat on competition day to maintain energy, and stay focused.

Happy dancing and let us know if you’re looking to compete!