How to Lead & Follow in Ballroom Dancing

Some dance for sport, others for social activity, spirituality, and/or expression of feelings and emotions. Whatever your reason to dance may be… to improve as a dancer, you should learn technique. Dancing is more than just following steps and footwork. It’s knowing how to express yourself and tell a story. Technique classes teach students how to improve their look, feel, and efficiency to become beautiful and stronger dancers, allowing students to reach their fullest potential.

Sometimes, dancers get caught up in the choreography or step patterns that are taught in traditional dance classes and consequently forget to hold their body correctly and execute skills properly. They become bodies repeating movement as opposed to individuals exuding passion. Learning technique allows you to have better balance, more control, straighter posture, improved mindset, and while it takes some practice, in the long run, it’ll make dancing easier.

If you’ve never taken a technique class, you should definitely give it a try. And if you’re thinking why should you take such a class when you’re already taking a traditional dance class…let me tell you why. Dance classes are great. They teach you dance steps, movements, choreographies, etc… But, while it’s touched on, it doesn’t dive into what will take your dancing to the next level. It doesn’t go into depth on how to dance with rhythm, how to make your movements appear fluid and natural, and how to dance with feeling. It doesn’t teach you all the things that make dancing truly beautiful and meaningful. You may have just started dancing, but with a technique class, you’ll appear as if you have been dancing for years.