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How to Ballroom Dance with Etiquette

Whether you’re on Dancing with the Stars, at a salsa club, ballroom dancing, showing off your moves in swing dance, flamenco dance, west coast swing, tango dance, rumba dance, etc…check out these top tips on dance etiquette from me…Dennis Lyle! I’ve trained dancers that have appeared on Dancing with the Stars and So You Think[…]

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How to lead and follow in ballroom dancing

One of the biggest obstacles to social dancing with a partner is figuring out how to lead and follow. Think about it. Can two people dance smoothly together if they’re each making their own decisions on direction, timing, and steps? Probably not. It’ll end up looking like a hodge podge of movements. To make it[…]

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Dancing with Technique

Some dance for sport, others for social activity, spirituality, and/or expression of feelings and emotions. Whatever your reason to dance may be… to improve as a dancer, you should learn technique. Dancing is more than just following steps and footwork. It’s knowing how to express yourself and tell a story. Technique classes teach students how[…]

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How to be a good dance student?

Have you ever wondered what makes a good dance student? A good student not only is beneficial for the teacher, but it helps the student accelerate their learning and build rapport with their instructor. To establish the qualities of a good dance student, we’ve listed some of them below. Read on…and maybe next time we[…]

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How to dance with him or her?

Have you joined us at a monthly social dance yet? If yes…then bravo…as you have experienced a wonderful opportunity to apply your dance skills, practice your moves, learn new steps, make new friends, and partake in a memorable event. If not…then WHY NOT? What’s your excuse? 1. You can’t dance? Well…all we have to say[…]