Wedding Dance – 10 tips to a magical first dance

Imagine the moment when you’re first introduced to your guests as husband and wife…one of the first things you’ll do as newlyweds is have your first dance. Although it probably will only last a few minutes, it can feel forever if you’re stressed and uncomfortable. To help you, we’ve shared 10 tips below: Pick “YOUR” Read more about Wedding Dance – 10 tips to a magical first dance[…]


Originally from Brazil, the Samba made its mark in the late 1920’s and hasn’t stopped since. It’s the most famous dance in Brazil. Performed in carnivals, street dances, as well as “The Ballroom” at Villa Incanta, it’s considered an energizing and exciting dance form as you flirtatiously move your hips and knees. Whether you’re objective Read more about Samba[…]