March 21, 2013


inland empire ballroom dancing

THE BALLROOM offers a variety of activities to practice and advance your dancing! Some activities include:

  • Practice / Social nights
  • Exhibition opportunities
  • Competition (to spectate at or participate in)
  • Periodic dancing outings to clubs and events

Practice Nights / Social Dance

Once a month at THE BALLROOM we hold a Social Dance Night where you can come socialize and meet new friends with a common interest. This activity is one of the most important tools to becoming an improved dancer. It provides a great environment for repetition which is the key to all learning.

Each social night includes a fun class to start the evening off with, followed with an evening of lots of dancing with a variety of partners, great music, and scrumptious snacks to keep you energized.

Admission is $15 per person (this INCLUDES the class before the dance (6-7 PM), dancing (7-9 PM) and snacks).


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Upcoming Events

S O C I A L   D A N C E   N I G H T S :
January 11 – Waltz
January 25 – Rumba
February 8 – FoxTrot
February 22 – ChaCha


Even though you may not be a “competitive” person…competitions are a great way to increase your rate of learning by creating a short term goal as compared to a “someday” attitude…which is what we all know never happens! Let us know if you’re interested in competing (whether you’ve done it before or not).